Rival curry house

March 24, 2009

1 week ago…

we went to the usual curry house along serangoon road and ordered rojak, mutton curry and prata …


looks like the prata we ordered must have tasted great right

but no.. the fact is.. it was so oily and tasted like paper towels, we decided to have some fun with the left-overs


before we left their curry house, i took one last look at our table and saw the indian cleaner giving a cheeky smile, very quickly he pulled out his Nokia N95 to snap a pic of our dish before dumping it into the red pail on his trolley.

a week later we went back to that place, and they started serving exactly the same thing to their customers. fuckers.


abercrombie & fitch

February 18, 2009


Mortal Kombat (HK)

February 12, 2009


Remember him? he’s the bandit that tried to steal rice and seize the factory in Ip Man… but before he became a bad ass…

… he was the legendary Rikki-O back in 1991 …  scoring 10/10 for STR and DEX. Unarmed and Melee both at 200%

This Trailer made me think that its a serious, action packed, no joke show… until…

thought they were gona settle their scores by just towel slapping each other in the butt like how every football players does in the showers… now who the hell’s gona clean up this mess? Rikki-O??….  i doubt so

0_O … they should really make a sequel to this

chuck naruto and bleach aside… we should all start reading classics like rikki-o from today onwards.. http://www.onemanga.com/Riki-Oh/1/00-cover/

wait a minute.. somehow this actress in the show storyofricky-yukarioshima_43a621146cf8a0319306c19ebb24bbfd

looks like…


トランクス from dragon ballZ… wTF??


lol… cant wait

lewis hamilton

November 6, 2008

another typical morning at lecture, left lewis hamilton on the ground when i accidentally kicked it over and watched in horror as half its content emptied onto the carpetted floor, leaving behind a brown patch. i could only blame it on the lecturer as she showed us a lecture slide featuring this picture.


lots of reaction coming from the students commenting about this picture at that moment, yes, we all jolly well know what it looks like, we have all seen it before, everyone including myself suppressed the urge to shout it out by its name.. i looked around but there were too many female audience in the vicinity… so much as i wanted to express my thoughts, i could only silently mouth the words “its a pus*y!!!” to no one in particular. but the fact is, its actually……..

A slow-motion animation of the vocal folds vibrating during speech

– (According to the UCLA Linguistics Department)

i didnt had any lessons the next day so i decided to go swimming and coincidentally saw kumar chilling by the pool. if i remembered correctly, he had nice curly hair the last time i seen him.


kiwi and chicken chop noodles

October 17, 2008

hardly manage to sleep last night, maybe it was because of the bolster sheet i had changed, it wasnt good to hug anymore. sometimes, well, 10% of the time when you wash the sheets, the surface will accumulate alot of those rough stuff that can only be removed by scotch taping and ripping it over and over again. but i wasnt going to do that at 5am in the morning, so i decided to banish it by kicking it down to the ground.

while waiting for my bus to school, i saw a familiar face from a distance. i walked up to him and called out “muscleman, muscleman..”

he gave me a strange look and frowned.

oops, maybe i got the wrong person.. but he soon recognised me.. phew

muscleman was the nickname we gave him during navy days, partly due to his abs. the last time i saw him was about a year ago wearing coveralls and doing guard duty. it felt somewhat strange to see him outside in the real world.


it was our third weekend duty our bunk have been assigned for this month. we were pissed to see recruits leaving the camp while we were stuck here. muscleman and i were patrolling near the fences when we stumbled upon a round black tin. it was a black kiwi shoe polish that some recruit left behind.

feeling bored from electrocuting milipedes with my stun baton during each duty, i decided to try something new and told muscleman to hurl the tin of kiwi while i swing my baton real hard on it. he was reluctant at first but i manage to persuade him to give it a shot. muscleman did a perfect throw at the right height, the tin exploded in midair when it smacked right on my baton, along with many pieces of kiwi tar, which left the whole carpark in a pile of black mess, including myself. luckily the only witness to the self pawnt act was a brown cat that scurried away after rummaging food from the trashbin, and muscleman himself.

i treated him to chicken chop noodles that was delivered to our guardroom that night.

as part of the agreement, he didnt mention anything to the rest of my bunkmates that were curious about the black patch on my coveralls.

prata flipping was easier

September 17, 2008

During today’s tutorial we had our discussion on the positive and negative aspects of homosexuality, a touchy topic, in a class like mine (where half the guys wear flashy clothes). we were suppose to form small groups and discuss, after which we will present our answers to the class. i was writing down the views of homosexualism as ideas came flowing in non-stop until…

“oh shit, no more space to write.”

at that moment, a girl from the other end of the class shouted

“flip over lah.”

instinctively, i did what she said and flipped it halfway, but almost immediately i quickly flipped back my OHP transparency, hoping nobody saw what i did.

Lays and Cheezels

September 9, 2008

During lecture at 12pm, my stomach began to call out to me. i was hungry, but i could endure for another hour when our lecturer would usually grant us our 5 mins break. 1:05pm, the lecturer continued yakking away. looking at her enthusiasm, looks like she wasn’t ready to stop anytime soon. i walked out the doors of the lecture hall and headed to the nearest snacks vending machine. searched my side, front and back pockets… all i managed to dig out was 90 cents and a crumpled ball of tissue which was inside my jeans from 2 weeks ago.. it survived the machine wash and drying process.

i inserted my coins into the machine and selected a pack of lays sour cream chips, my eyes were glued to the machine as it slowly pushed the packet out of its row.
and then it stopped. the pack of chips was just hanging by an inch. bitch.

my potential savior; a bespectacled geek then approached the machine. “excuse me, can you help me get my pack of chips out?” i asked, hoping that he will buy a pack of lays as well so as to push my packet out of the machine. “sorry but i only have enough coins to buy cheezels”

after lessons, i told greg to wait for me outside the toilet near the canteen “i noticed you keep going to this particular toilet.” greg commented.
“that’s because this was the toilet in school where i took my very first shitter, an inseparable bond was instantly formed at that time, the feelings is difficult to describe to outsiders.” i explained as i closed the cubicle door behind me.
“你把你的第一次交给了这个toilet~” greg recited in a poetic manner loud enough for the other cubicle users to hear as well.
i sang “oh 第一次我~” to break the otherwise awkward silence there.
“wow you singing F.I.R ah?”
“no lah its guang liang.”

Autograph Session @ The Cathay

August 24, 2008

We would like to thank our fans for showing their support yesterday at our event; the gala premier and autograph session for local film “12 Locust”. Although the autograph session ended rather abruptly last night (because security was needed to be called in by the customer service counter of Cathay), one lucky fan managed to get his autograph signed by the 2 leading extra actors (pictured above).

my first day of school

August 13, 2008


– need to get to lecture 10 mins early if not lan lan can sit front row and watch how the lecturer avoid tripping over his/her microphone wire in a skillful manner

– the fastest hi-bye conversation calculated in school was around 0.43 secs outside burgerking with a friend from jc

– the foreign students dont know about urinal manners (they will pee in the urinal beside yours when theres plenty of other unused urinals around)

– fruit juice stall serves dragon fruit juice which is purple in colour cause they blend it with the skin on. they do it the same way for kiwi juice to obtain its colour, and the extra hairy fibre.

National Day is a Saturday?????

July 30, 2008

woooh yeah im the first one to hang the singapore flag at my block~

Red Cliff

July 22, 2008

Red Cliff – nice show but the best part was when the 2 characters inside (zhang fei and guan yu) hacked the server and turned godmode on, they totally owned the other soldiers… why need an army when you already have this 2 hackers… but show is just a show… here are some pics of them in the real world.

dont know why they look so pissed off..?