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finding the wrong hole

June 29, 2010

The pub was rather quiet on a monday night when we decided to head down and have a couple of drinks and to play some pool.

during the start of the game, one of the ball was struck real hard and it flew off the table, bounced onto the floor a couple of times and landed right into the drainage nearby, flipping its steel drainage cover as it hit and partially covered it back as if the ball was doing a disappearing act on its own. we were amazed not by JK’s solid sounding crack of his break but by the precision in which the ball found its way from the table and into the wrong hole. the pub assistant came over and listened in astonishment as we re-enacted the situation to him, all the while he was pushing up the black specs that was constantly slipping off his oily nose.

The few of us had a brilliant plan to retrieve the ball by constructing a makeshift picker that could reach about a metre deep into the pipe, using a cuestick secured to a spoon at the end of it with duct tapes. as i got down to my knees to reach deep down into the hole to retrieve the ball, i noticed that the stench of the drainage pipe was not as potent as those along the road sides. It took only less than 3 minutes to find our ball, along with a half broken shot glass, 2 used condoms, a fork and an ipod nano. its no wonder that the recent floods in the city are the results of a clogged up drainage system.


anthony’s wisdom tooth totally looks like japanese prawn sushi

April 12, 2010

guess i wont be eating at a sushi bar anytime soon…

those gums…

chewing shit is fun????

February 9, 2010

From the NIE website

The Cars of 2010

January 16, 2010

The Ahma must be thinking: “I’ll spank her ass real bad if she was my granddaughter”

poo cat

January 11, 2010

coffee making fail

band name fail

i’d rather stay home..

hello to the person taking the photo.. im over here~

Braised Frog Heads and License Plates

December 14, 2009

was driving back to my hometown along the east coast when this black car swerved recklessly into my lane without any warning

and i was like..

to make things worse… this car in orange snatched my lot…

i have always considered it a waste to eat only the legs…

“braised frog heads in dark soy sauce”

my favourite dish… on nom nom nom…..

so many questions….

kite flying at the beach

when this song came out it reminded me of stifflers dance off at the gay club in american pie 3

The Paranoid Mugger

November 22, 2009


Hip Hop Win

September 18, 2009

We have decided to form a human train like we always do back in our country… but this time we also grabbed any of the stray locals we could find to join us in our madness… Somehow or rather we managed to maintain our high on countless 7-up revive and redbull when the free beer the school organisers were handing out stopped at around 10pm.

this chinese boy had cut into the dance floor and started doing his hiphop moves… its definitely a win this time

headed to the video store the other day as they were having a clearance sale on old classic movies on dvds(to make way for this thing called blueray which i thought sounded pretty cool). I took awhile to choose the ones i really wanted to watch for quite some time now, but my miserable pay could only allow me to pick just one. Anyway these were the few that i had seriously considered…


I tried hard to ignore the fact that the shop assistant was constantly looking out in my direction(in case i grabbed a bunch of dvds and made a run for it). After much consideration and walking back and forth the aisle for the 36th time, i decided to put my money on this show that my friend had talked about earlier in the week regarding a group of lunatics in an asylum, titled “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”.

With the disc in my hand i made payment at the cashier using crumpled dollar notes that i had fished out from the deep ends of my trousers pocket. I left the shop not soon after the shop assistant called me back to conduct a quick search on my backpack. What he had found was nothing worth calling the cops for, other than a metal pot and a worn out green toothbrush in the middle compartment of my bag (which i had always carry along as my personal emergency kit since i was a child in the event of a massive flood or earthquake).

I was filled with anticipation on my way back and the first thing i did when i got back to my quarters was to load the disc into my bulky Akira brand dvd player(got it at quite a steal from Mustafa) and frantically clicked the play button a few times on my faulty remote with some additional knocks on my knee cap to get the show up and running.


2hrs, $15.90
Its a great show, really.

Hip Hop Fail

June 27, 2009

Hip Hop Fail @ Wu Fen Pu Taiwan

Baggy pants at an all time low

zoo toysthings they sell at the zoo souvenir shop these days

after the humans (us) complained there was nothing much to see at the zoo.. these two rhinos decided to take it out on each other

Was walking along Jiu Fen when i stumbled upon something odd

miscellaneous pics below


Teaching a man to fish

June 18, 2009

teach a man to fish

Trapped in the drive thru

April 23, 2009

an awesome song and video