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abercrombie & fitch

February 18, 2009


Mortal Kombat (HK)

February 12, 2009


Remember him? he’s the bandit that tried to steal rice and seize the factory in Ip Man… but before he became a bad ass…

… he was the legendary Rikki-O back in 1991 …  scoring 10/10 for STR and DEX. Unarmed and Melee both at 200%

This Trailer made me think that its a serious, action packed, no joke show… until…

thought they were gona settle their scores by just towel slapping each other in the butt like how every football players does in the showers… now who the hell’s gona clean up this mess? Rikki-O??….  i doubt so

0_O … they should really make a sequel to this

chuck naruto and bleach aside… we should all start reading classics like rikki-o from today onwards..

wait a minute.. somehow this actress in the show storyofricky-yukarioshima_43a621146cf8a0319306c19ebb24bbfd

looks like…


トランクス from dragon ballZ… wTF??


lol… cant wait