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lewis hamilton

November 6, 2008

another typical morning at lecture, left lewis hamilton on the ground when i accidentally kicked it over and watched in horror as half its content emptied onto the carpetted floor, leaving behind a brown patch. i could only blame it on the lecturer as she showed us a lecture slide featuring this picture.


lots of reaction coming from the students commenting about this picture at that moment, yes, we all jolly well know what it looks like, we have all seen it before, everyone including myself suppressed the urge to shout it out by its name.. i looked around but there were too many female audience in the vicinity… so much as i wanted to express my thoughts, i could only silently mouth the words “its a pus*y!!!” to no one in particular. but the fact is, its actually……..

A slow-motion animation of the vocal folds vibrating during speech

– (According to the UCLA Linguistics Department)

i didnt had any lessons the next day so i decided to go swimming and coincidentally saw kumar chilling by the pool. if i remembered correctly, he had nice curly hair the last time i seen him.