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kiwi and chicken chop noodles

October 17, 2008

hardly manage to sleep last night, maybe it was because of the bolster sheet i had changed, it wasnt good to hug anymore. sometimes, well, 10% of the time when you wash the sheets, the surface will accumulate alot of those rough stuff that can only be removed by scotch taping and ripping it over and over again. but i wasnt going to do that at 5am in the morning, so i decided to banish it by kicking it down to the ground.

while waiting for my bus to school, i saw a familiar face from a distance. i walked up to him and called out “muscleman, muscleman..”

he gave me a strange look and frowned.

oops, maybe i got the wrong person.. but he soon recognised me.. phew

muscleman was the nickname we gave him during navy days, partly due to his abs. the last time i saw him was about a year ago wearing coveralls and doing guard duty. it felt somewhat strange to see him outside in the real world.


it was our third weekend duty our bunk have been assigned for this month. we were pissed to see recruits leaving the camp while we were stuck here. muscleman and i were patrolling near the fences when we stumbled upon a round black tin. it was a black kiwi shoe polish that some recruit left behind.

feeling bored from electrocuting milipedes with my stun baton during each duty, i decided to try something new and told muscleman to hurl the tin of kiwi while i swing my baton real hard on it. he was reluctant at first but i manage to persuade him to give it a shot. muscleman did a perfect throw at the right height, the tin exploded in midair when it smacked right on my baton, along with many pieces of kiwi tar, which left the whole carpark in a pile of black mess, including myself. luckily the only witness to the self pawnt act was a brown cat that scurried away after rummaging food from the trashbin, and muscleman himself.

i treated him to chicken chop noodles that was delivered to our guardroom that night.

as part of the agreement, he didnt mention anything to the rest of my bunkmates that were curious about the black patch on my coveralls.