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prata flipping was easier

September 17, 2008

During today’s tutorial we had our discussion on the positive and negative aspects of homosexuality, a touchy topic, in a class like mine (where half the guys wear flashy clothes). we were suppose to form small groups and discuss, after which we will present our answers to the class. i was writing down the views of homosexualism as ideas came flowing in non-stop until…

“oh shit, no more space to write.”

at that moment, a girl from the other end of the class shouted

“flip over lah.”

instinctively, i did what she said and flipped it halfway, but almost immediately i quickly flipped back my OHP transparency, hoping nobody saw what i did.


Lays and Cheezels

September 9, 2008

During lecture at 12pm, my stomach began to call out to me. i was hungry, but i could endure for another hour when our lecturer would usually grant us our 5 mins break. 1:05pm, the lecturer continued yakking away. looking at her enthusiasm, looks like she wasn’t ready to stop anytime soon. i walked out the doors of the lecture hall and headed to the nearest snacks vending machine. searched my side, front and back pockets… all i managed to dig out was 90 cents and a crumpled ball of tissue which was inside my jeans from 2 weeks ago.. it survived the machine wash and drying process.

i inserted my coins into the machine and selected a pack of lays sour cream chips, my eyes were glued to the machine as it slowly pushed the packet out of its row.
and then it stopped. the pack of chips was just hanging by an inch. bitch.

my potential savior; a bespectacled geek then approached the machine. “excuse me, can you help me get my pack of chips out?” i asked, hoping that he will buy a pack of lays as well so as to push my packet out of the machine. “sorry but i only have enough coins to buy cheezels”

after lessons, i told greg to wait for me outside the toilet near the canteen “i noticed you keep going to this particular toilet.” greg commented.
“that’s because this was the toilet in school where i took my very first shitter, an inseparable bond was instantly formed at that time, the feelings is difficult to describe to outsiders.” i explained as i closed the cubicle door behind me.
“你把你的第一次交给了这个toilet~” greg recited in a poetic manner loud enough for the other cubicle users to hear as well.
i sang “oh 第一次我~” to break the otherwise awkward silence there.
“wow you singing F.I.R ah?”
“no lah its guang liang.”