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Autograph Session @ The Cathay

August 24, 2008

We would like to thank our fans for showing their support yesterday at our event; the gala premier and autograph session for local film “12 Locust”. Although the autograph session ended rather abruptly last night (because security was needed to be called in by the customer service counter of Cathay), one lucky fan managed to get his autograph signed by the 2 leading extra actors (pictured above).


my first day of school

August 13, 2008


– need to get to lecture 10 mins early if not lan lan can sit front row and watch how the lecturer avoid tripping over his/her microphone wire in a skillful manner

– the fastest hi-bye conversation calculated in school was around 0.43 secs outside burgerking with a friend from jc

– the foreign students dont know about urinal manners (they will pee in the urinal beside yours when theres plenty of other unused urinals around)

– fruit juice stall serves dragon fruit juice which is purple in colour cause they blend it with the skin on. they do it the same way for kiwi juice to obtain its colour, and the extra hairy fibre.