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National Day is a Saturday?????

July 30, 2008

woooh yeah im the first one to hang the singapore flag at my block~


Red Cliff

July 22, 2008

Red Cliff – nice show but the best part was when the 2 characters inside (zhang fei and guan yu) hacked the server and turned godmode on, they totally owned the other soldiers… why need an army when you already have this 2 hackers… but show is just a show… here are some pics of them in the real world.

dont know why they look so pissed off..?

LCP Abang promoted to rank of Corporal but bank staff nv notice he ish beri sad

July 13, 2008

today at the bank i noticed our cisco security guard Abang got 2 ikan bilis (stripes/chevrons wadever u call it) already..

then i ask “eh abang since when u promoted Corporal already ?” he say “yah last month.. EHh u NOTICED ah?? the bank staff nv noticed leh.. =( ” (he gave a sad face) .. den i say “cannot blame them coz most of the staff here is female they never go thru ns one.. nv see shoulder got wad rank.. onli see shoulder got dandruff more impt.”

till now, no one knows when is the actual day lessons begin. but its around the first or second week of august. we will have to bid for our modules first.

the crazy uncle in this photo really inspired me, he caught this monster stingray at bedok jetty. planning to go fishing during the next few weeks. when i land one like this, i will organise a bbq, but there wont be satay or chicken wings though.

the maid III

July 8, 2008

i was walking back home after crashing sociology camp, it was already 12.20am but luckily i managed to catch the last train. suddenly a woman called out to me, she was a philipino maid carrying her bag and asking me directions to get to rivervale. i pointed here here there and she went ???. rivervale was a long walk from here.. doubt she could make her way there on foot.

“why not you take a cab from here to rivervale?” i asked

“me no money.”

“okaaayy… why dont you call your boss to help you pay for the cab when u reach home..?”

“employer.. not home.”

she gave the pitiful i-cant-walk-anymore look so i lent her some money to take a cab back to her employer’s house. we exchanged numbers so that she could pay me back.

when she got there she called my phone and told me she reached her place and sounded grateful. okay.

followed by a thank-you sms

the next day she messaged me at 7.30am

“hi.gud.mrning u wk up ready hw r u.” ……. “yep, okay im fine thx” i replied

“wt r u duing nw r u eat lunch read.” …….

(at this point it really started to feel wierd exchanging smses with a pinoy maid) i replied “yah, i had my lunch already…”

now, she sent me another message.. i dont understand what was she trying to say.

“wt cnd of ur cm r u using m1”

i didnt know how to reply her. maybe i will ask for my money back in a few days.