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toilet case files #101

May 16, 2008

10:00 AM

after a case of feeding frenzy at a sushi bar the previous night, i had to take a dump at the nearest toilet i could find. entered one of the cubicles and sat there. my phone rang, it was my boss, he had asked me to send him an e-mail of my particulars to his account ASAP as he had to leave his office by 11am.

“okay so what is your email address you want me to send it to?” i asked.

“take note, my email address is bengseng@…..PUUUUUUUTTT!!!!“” at this moment the cubicle beside me had an extreme case of diarrhoea, it was so loud and watery, i swear that my boss on the other end of the line had heard it.

i tried hard not to laugh at this point of time, it was difficult, my chest was already shivering in an attempt to suppress the laughter. “can you… (long pause).. repeat your… (pause again) email..?” i asked him. my voice was shaky and it seems like it took forever for me to complete that sentence.

he replied “it is bengseng@… PUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!”

this time i couldnt help it and bursted out laughing. “err.. hello??” my boss was having question marks all over his head right now. i didnt manage to remember his email because i wasnt listening to what he said at all. so i told him that he could sms me his email address instead.

after that, i hurriedly got off the loo to avoid meeting the person, it would be a funny encounter otherwise. but i guess he will remain inside his cubicle till the joker who laughed at him leaves first.


to cut a short story short, not forgetting the hair too

May 15, 2008

kleap told me about a lecturer in his school with a special hairstyle. most of the male population would adopt this look at some point of their lives. some hate it, some love it, but we all can’t help it

introducing the Reverse Mohawk